Great Portland LG Event!

Portland LG Event with great customers, great new products, great beer & special guest - Portland Trailblazer Terry Porter!

Build Products & Terry Porter

Build Products & Terry Porter


The whole LG team & Terry Porter! 


Portland Brewing Company....

Ash is bad for your HVAC System!!!

Forest Fire Ash is not just on your car....

Make sure to check your filters.... 


Health experts say if you are sensitive to the smoke in the air from the wildfires or need to be outdoors for a long time, you should wear the proper mask to filter out the smoke.

But you may still be getting exposed to the smoke indoors, including inside your home and your car.


As a result, area HVAC service technicians are getting lots of calls to check on or change out smoke and ash clogged furnace air filters.

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Congrats To Delta Products on The Silver Award!!!!

Delta Products. Corp earned the silver award with its BreezSignature 80/110 CFM Exhaust Fan/Dimmable LED Light/Night-Light with Dual Speed.

With the use of brushless DC motor technology, the SIG80-110DLED delivers exceptional reliability, longevity, is virtually silent, and exceeds Energy Star’s efficiency requirements. The standard application of the SIG80-110DLED is residential bathrooms, but it can also be used for utility closets and work spaces that require ventilation to improve and maintain proper IAQ. Consumer feedback, industry trends, and trade surveys influenced the innovation behind the SIG80-110DLED, and three years of research went into developing the product.

The SIG-80-110DLED is rated Energy Star Most Efficient 2017. And, while the SIG80-110DLED meets and exceeds industry standards for sound and energy efficiency, Delta Products intends to continue to search for ways to improve the functionalities and features of this ventilation fan.  

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Glasfloss Z-Line Series MR-13

The Glasfloss Z-Line Series MR-13 pleated air filter features the latest in media technology to achieve MERV 13 while maintaining low pressure drop and good service life.  The new Z-Line Series MR-13 pleat is optimized for “LEED” compliance in new and existing buildings as well as providing a cost-effective upgrade from lower efficiency pleated filters for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. 

 The Z-Line Series MR-13 pleat is available in many standard face dimensions in 1”, 2″ and 4″ depths.

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Great New Rebate Resource from LG


Heating and cooling accounts for a significant portion of the energy used in your home so choosing an energy-efficient system can have a big effect on your overall energy use. In order to encourage customers to install energy efficient products, many utility companies offer rebates on qualified products. Below you will find a current listing of offers and rebates on LG Air Conditioning Technologies systems available in your area.


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Lucas-Milhaupt Brazing Trainings....

We had some great Brazing Trainings in Central Oregon - thanks Bob Cristan! Groups learned about brazing aluminum which is becoming a lot more common.... Attendees also got some hands-on training and learned about Lucas-Milhaupt's braizing rings. Great turn out.... #lucasmilhaupt #brazing #hvac #refrigeration


Doing the Montana run.....

Great visits with customers and all kinds of different weather experience! 


Pompey's Pillar


Yellowstone River


William Clark's of the Lewis & Clark fame signature at Pompey's Pillar.


Snowy mid-May! 


Had to try a few local microbrews....